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I'm interested in securing a date for my reception, what do I need to do?    

Our event coordinators will get the necessary information to establish a contract. We will collect a check/cash deposit which is equal to the room rental to secure a date and generate the contract. We will then schedule an appointment about 2-3 months in advance of the date to coordinate all the details for your event. The final guest guarantee count is due eight business days prior to your reception. The final balance of the event is due to our office five business days of the reception date.


How long do I have the ballroom?

At our locations, you rent the space for the afternoon/evening. Most receptions last about 5-6 hours and the ballrooms close at 12:30 A.M. You can let us know what time the guests will be arriving.


Do you provide any decorations/centerpieces?

Yes, we will provide standard white, ivory or black linen tablecloths and linen napkins, choice of about 15 colors, as well as a 14 inch round mirror and 3 non-scented votive candles per guest table. You are welcome to come in and decorate for your reception, depending on what other events we have going on beforehand. All we ask is no confetti, glitter, crepe paper, bubbles/birdseed/sand, or open flame candles at any of our ballrooms.


What do you charge for cake cutting?

We actually do not charge to cut your cake. Our staff will be more than happy to cut your cake after your bridal photos have been taken. We will provide plates, forks, cake knife set, glass bowls for mixed nuts and trays for mints.


Can you recommend any local vendors that you work with for wedding cakes, music, florists, photographers, chair covers and special linens?

Yes, the following contacts are people that we have established great relationships with over the years, but you may certainly work with your own contacts as well.



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